Research shows that short  workouts are all you need to get fit and in great shape.



You're busy! We fit into you're day with small workouts that are  ultra convenient and super easy to do in your own home.


If you ever wanted to try Personal Training, try us first. Since you only workout a fraction of the time, it's only a fraction of the cost

"In the first two months alone, of training with Sean, I've already lost 19 pounds and 23 inches. I thought it would be really tough, but I have to admit, he's not killing me. I might THINK he is and I might WHINE that he is, but it’s doable!!!  SO doable!"~Lori Martin, Saint Paul, MN




"In the first 2 months of working out with Sean I've lost 24 lbs and I have to admit, he's not killing me. I might THINK he is, and I might WHINE that he is, but it’s dooable!!!  SO dooable!"                                  - Lori Martin, St Paul, MN

The gym isn't for everyone.

Some people aren't gym people.

Maybe you don't have the time to drive somewhere just to move your body around and pick up objects. 

Maybe you don't like paying for a gym membership you never use.

Maybe you don't know how to use the complicated looking gym equipment even when you do go. 

Maybe smelly locker rooms and sweaty workout machines make you gag.

You still deserve to workout, be fit and be fit.


Our Mission:

We want to make your life easier by helping you fit exercise into your busy day. 







"With Sean's workouts, I can thoroughly exercise my body to a level very similar to the intensity I achieve at my home gym. I am extremely satisfied with the results as well as the piece of mind I have when I travel knowing that a "full gym" is no longer necessary. I recommend Small Workouts to anyone who has a struggle at finding enough space or the proper equipment to achieve the the physical results they seek."~ Greg Huffaker, Oxnard, CA